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Fabian Natter

Markus Manahl

Martin Burtscher

Mark Peters 

Based in Vienna, Austria 'Mark Peters & The Dark Band' began when Fabian and Mark shared a studio space back in 2016 and decided it would be a good idea to play a few songs together. Fabian played drums on the first EP 'Spirits' and the pair were Joined in October 2017 by Markus Manahl on bass for the Spirits release show.


Following that the trio headed to the UK for a few concerts and on returning to Vienna the question arose, 'What now?'. It so happened that Fabian and Markus played with another guitarist in their project 'The Jupiter Effect' and a new question was posed, 'Do we ask him to join the band?'. We did and Martin Burtscher completed the quartet in early 2018.


The band released their first EP 'Sum of all Parts' in 2019 followed by the debut album 'Memorial' in 2021, both produced by Dan Fisher of Audio Heart Records. The group are currently working on their next EP set for release in early 2023 and continue to tour in central Europe.

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